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Membership in DelCOG is open to anyone who believes that government of the people, by the people, and for the people should be open to the people.

In Delaware, access to public records is being increasingly restricted by the destruction of documents, arbitrary denials, extended delays, and prohibitive costs. Without transparency, our government officials and agencies cannot be held accountable.

Why Should You Join DelCOG?

Because your participation is vital.

  • Your membership helps support the work of DELCOG, an association of citizens and organizations whose common purpose is to ensure the public’s right to oversee its government through the use of public access laws.
  • Your voice, when joined with that of others, can help stop unwarranted secrecy — in the statehouse, in the courthouses, in city halls — and can help ensure increased openness and accountability in state and local government.

Because you can be actively involved in work that will benefit all citizens in the First State. You can participate on committees to:

  • Help ensure ease of access as well as access at a reasonable cost.
  • Plan programs that will shed more light on the public’s right to know how its government operates.
  • Prepare op-eds, educational reports, and other publications.
  • Explore other critical FOI initiatives and make recommendations for individual or collective action.

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