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Members of the Delaware General Assembly
Governor of Delaware

Dear members of the General Assembly and Governor John Carney,

I support establishment of a Delaware Office of the Inspector General. I strongly urge the General Assembly to pass SS 1 for SB 21 during the 2024 legislative session and have it signed into law.

I am pleased to know there is bipartisan support for establishing this Office, a testament both to the need and the desire on both sides of the aisle to encourage effective and efficient operation and to address possible fraud, waste, mismanagement, and corruption in our state government.

A dedicated, nonpartisan, and independent Office of the Inspector General will enhance public trust in Delaware government for the benefit of individuals and families, our workforce, and our environment by promoting efficient, effective practices by state agencies and employees. When state agencies fail in their missions, exceed their boundaries, or ignore their inherent responsibilities, we the public have the right to demand solutions and to expect them to be implemented.

I want oversight of all state agencies to come under the clearly defined authority of an Office of the Inspector General that includes strong whistleblower protections, the power to subpoena witnesses and documents, and the responsibility to report its fundings, conclusions, and recommendations to the public.

SS 1 for SB 21 does exactly what is needed to create a strong, effective Office of the Inspector. This Office will save Delaware taxpayers money and assure us that government agencies will conduct affairs with honesty and integrity for the benefit of all Delawareans. I urge you to support this important legislation.


A Delaware Citizen

How to Sign The Petition

We need as many members of the public to sign on to this petition to show how important independent, nonpartisan oversight and accountability is to ordinary citizens of the First State. Please fill out the information below to join the petition, and also reach out to your legislators today!